New car clatters like Old Car

Why does my new 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix with V6 3800 Series III engine clatter for 2-3 minutes when first started? Sounds like old car with bad valve lifters!!!

Check your oil. If it’s low, the what you are hearing IS the valve lifters before oil gets to them.

Thanks. But no. Oil is always up where it should be and even after a fresh oil change. And you know the new oil use percent usage they got on their new cars to save oil - well I watch it close and got an extra oil change in there for break in even when it is a lease car…Thanks!

Thanks. I have also spoken to service on this and was told that this is common for this engine because they did not use the stainless steel cylinder sleeves…but when I spoke directly with the SM at Dealer, he did not know about any SS sleeves and noted for me in writing on my service receipt that “this is not a concern and he would listen to it at a later time” when I could bring it in and leave it to cool. Just never though a New Car would do this?? New, Feb. 2006 V6 3800 Series III. Thanks!

Is the car still under warranty? If so, demand the dealer fix the problem for free. Also, be assured that if anything happens to the engine out of warranty because of this problem, the dealer will still be on the hook for repairs, since the problem was brought to their attention within the warranty period. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dealer is trying to avoid expensive warranty repairs, hoping you’ll not care enough to demand it’s fixed, as is your right.

By the way, if the Service Advisor says this sounds is common for this type of engine, ask to test drive a vehicle with the same engine in the lot, and see if it makes the same sound.
By the way, I’ve driven an 03 Impala LS with the same 3.8L V6, and it didn’t make any abnormal noises such as you’re describing. The dealer may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Thanks! I guess I’d better make time to get it looked this week. Will call Monday and arrange a drop off with their loaner car. That way we know for sure, cause I sure love that car!

Well the Impy LS doesn’t have the supercharged 3800 like this Grand Prix does. That’s not an excuse, but while they are dimensionally the same, there’s quite a bit different between the two motors.

There was a caller on this week’s episode of Car Talk in a similar situation as you, except he had a Honda and his car was making the noise for quite a long time. As Tom and Ray said, some engines will make a little noise at startup. If after looking at it your service manager says everything is okay, I’d take it elsewhere and see what they think. Definitely listen for the noise to change in pitch/frequency, and listen carefully to see if it starts lasting longer than before. The second it changes, you really know you’ve got a problem.

I’m guessing that it will get worse and you’ll end up putting a motor in it, hopefully you’ll get a service rep who will be honest with you and make the repair before things get to the “ugly” phase.

I didn’t know this Grand Prix had a supercharged engine, certainly the OP didn’t mention it did.

Reading back over, I see that he didn’t specify a sub-model. I could have sworn I read that it was a GT. That being the case, it certainly could be the N/A motor.

I think you need to get an acurate reading on your oil pressure … sounds like insufficient oil pressure to the lifters.

I agree with having a mechanical oil pressure meter hooked up and checking the pressure at start up first thing in the morning. If the oil pressure comes up quickly and the clatter continues, then they need to pull the valve covers and see how long it takes oil to get to the rockers.

Low or no oil pressure within a few seconds would indicate a bad oil pump. Good oil pressure at startup but a delay in oil getting to the rockers would indicate a casting defect or an obstructed oil filter.

Good news for my Grand Prix. It was only a loose flywheel inspection guard! Rattled when cold - stoped when it warmed up a bit. All quiet now. Thanks for your input.