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New car buying

My 10 year old Subaru Imprezna (219000 mi.) is about to bite the dust…is there a easy “car search” website that will find all the AWD cars with 30 MPG , etc…so I can see what is out there??

I doubt there is such a vehicle that exists. You can get FWD cars that get 30+mpg, but I doubt there are any AWD vehicles that’ll get 30mpg. You might be able to coax it from some of them, but it’s highly unlikely.

Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix AWD gets 22mpg
Subaru impreza gets 22
Suzuki SX4 gets 24

Bear in mind, these are combined city/highway ratings, but you should get the idea. I got these numbers off of

Well I was just using that as an example…what I really need is a “flow chart” to help me find all vehicles that I might be interested in…such as AWD or 4WD, price range, fuel consumption, body style, etc…I have not paid any attention to cars at all for the past ten years!

Click on the link and check by class. You will see fuel economy and whether it is AWD or not. That will give you a short list for further research.

While I’m not a fan of late model Chrysler products at all, my son/daughter in law have an '07 Caliber, 2.4, AWD that has about 47k miles on it now and is EPA rated around 25 MPG.

The recent addition of new spark plugs and a lengthy road trip showed that vehicle was getting 29-30 MPG and even flirting with 31 in spite of the EPA rating.
As I said, I’m not a fan but so far the car has not suffered one hiccup or squeak and rattle.

I’m wondering why you seem insistent on looking for an AWD or 4x4.

I have an '04 Toyota Matrix that gets 35 mpg (city/hwy).

Unless you live in Alaska or the Northwest Territories/ Yukon, there is no need for these vehicles.

AWD puts a constant drag on the engine thus reducing the mpg issue.

FWIW, I have an '02 Tahoe 4x4 if I really feel the need to boogie through the rhubarb.

BUT, that’s JMHO, is all.

Not sure what 30 MPG for a AWD car means.

If highway MPG you are pretty much limited to the brand new 2010 Subaru Legacy albeit a nice car. Its city mileage is 23mpg. Amazing the same size as a FWD 2009 Honda Accord and bests it in MPG slightly with AWD.

thanks this is just what I needed!!

Let me suggest that you pick up a Consumer Reports Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore. That’s the most comprehensive, informative, and well organized aggregate of data I know of. You should have no trouble navigating the data there.