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I'm looking for a car

So, I’m trying to find a new car. I’m looking for something with all wheel drive that gets 30 mpg in the city. Any suggestions?

The Hybrid Escape is the only one that I can think of that get’s 30 MPG in the city. 30 MPG in the city and AWD is a tall order

No such car. You only get to chose one – 30 city MPG or AWD, but not both.


Why Not Look For An AWD That Gets 38 MPG In The City ? 30 MPG Is Going To Be Kind Of Lame When The New Government Standards Kick In A Couple Years Down The Road.

It’s not rocket science. Are you trying to be “green” or are you just short on gas money ? If you want to be “green” then make the sacrifice and forget about AWD. If you’re short of gas money then get a better job or a second source of income.

By the way, which city gives one the need for AWD ?


The Suzuki SX4 comes very close. It has combination AWD, part time 4WD, or 2 WD to suit your need. You might examine why you want AWD, since that feature both drives up the cost and lowers the gas mileage. Good winter tires is what most Americans need in winter.

Years ago we had the Subaru Justy. a tiny AWD hatchback which did exactly what you ask!

You can find out all about fuel mileage here:

Narrow the list and see if anything appeals to you.

FoDaddy has it as far as I can tell. Ford Escape Hybrid is the only thing close.

The Subaru Legacy gets 31 mpg on the highway. Probably the Escape Hybrid is the only thing close.

Asking for a real world 30 MPG in the city and AWD is asking for a lot.

I’m looking for a new car that does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds or less and costs under $30,000.

We’re both looking for the neigh impossible…

Which is more important–the high mileage or the all wheel drive? If you are doing city driving, you may not need the all wheel drive and something like a Toyota Prius may fill the bill. On the other hand, if the all wheel drive is a must, then choose the AWD with the highest mileage that might not be as high as 30 mpg. You may not get both, just as a teacher once told me “There are two important things in life–clean mind and clean bodyl Take your choice”.

But the transmission only lasted 6 weeks…

Gasoline is the smallest expense of owning and operating a motor vehicle…

You either don’t drive much or you buy cars that need a lot of repairs.

I spend over %5,500 in gas every year…Over 10 years that equates to %55,000.

Never spent more then $30k on any vehicle I’ve owned…and my repairs have NEVER exceeded $5000 (total) on any vehicle (and that includes normal maintenance).