Looking for a Fuel efficient AWD vehicle



Anyone know of a vehicle with AWD while still being Fuel efficient?

Are there any AWD Hy-brids?


Do you really need AWD? Where do you live? Most AWD vehicles will see 30 mpg, TOPS.


Agree. If you want good gas mileage, go to 2 wheel drive first, then go for the most frugal car. Our family doctor is a sports medicine specialist and spends a great deal of time outdoors in the mountains. He and his wife are very environmentally councious. His vehicle (he NEEDS an AWD)is a Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Not sure what mileage he gets. If you can live with a small vehicle, Suzuki has a small 4 cylinder AWD, and the Subaru Impreza (all Subarus are AWD) sedan (base version) gets good mileage. Years ago Toyota had the small AWD SR5 Corolla wagen, which was a great little vehicle. If you want to go the diesel route, there is not much available. The new Grand Cherokee with the Mercedes V6 diesel only gets 26 mpg highway.

Weight is the biggest enemy of gas mileage. If you must have an AWD, look at the Suzuki4 cyl. and Impreza first.


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Have you seen the Suzuki SX4?

Yes, there are AWD Hybrids, or at least one. Acura sells one for a whole lot of money.

Have you seen the Suzuki SX4?

I’m a Subaru owner. Notice how I’m not asking you to buy a Subaru? Fuel efficiency is not a Subaru’s forte. AWD traction is a Subaru’s forte. They excel at AWD traction, but not at fuel mileage. My Acura does much better in the mileage department.

Have you seen the Suzuki SX4?


Why AWD? The usual answer is snow. If it is back county I can’t help you but if it is snow, consider four good snow (winter) tyres. AWD and 4WD will only help you get out of the ditch you slid into, they really are not much help in keeping you out of the ditch. Real snow tyres will help you get out of the ditch, but more important they can help you keep out of it to begin with.

Remember AWD & 4WDS do nothing to keep you from skidding nor do they help you stop faster or straighter. Snow/winter tyres will do that.


Actually stability control does a real nice job on all cars preventing your vehicle from skidding though.


The Suzuki SX4 is an neat little AWD. It has a 2.0 liter engine and AWd that lets you shift between economy (2WD) or automatic AWD (only engages if needed), as well as AWD Lock for serious situations. fuel consumotion is 26 city, 34 highway.