New Car Blues - A Pain in the Neck


I just walked away from totaling my Protege on the Turnpike and have been shopping for a new car. I started with the Mazda 3 and had done everything but pay for it when I discovered that the “active restraint” headrest is a killer for my rather finicky neck–it locks my head in a “forward” position and that soon makes my neck start screaming and my thumbs go numb (pinched nerve). I’ve GOT to get a car, but after running hither and thither for a couple of weeks, I cannot find one I like that doesn’t present me with the same problem! Any suggestions? I certainly don’t want to void my insurance by removing or otherwise messing with one that’s no good for me, but I’m hoping there’s a car – new or even “pre-owned” (at this point) that I can actually drive without killing my neck. Any reasonable suggestions will be much appreciated!