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Car purchase advice nedded

My sister is buying me a car. The funds are limited, but Dealers are offering Internet Specials - MSRP $4,500 less than regular New Car Inventory. They say these are new cars. Is this true> SHould I be wary? I’m told only $200 Administrative Fee will be added to the $15,000 Special price. Regular MSRP is $19,500 for this car, a Mazda 3i Touring, Automatic.

My other concern is that when I test drove this car, 3 different ones had 3 different steering tension and control. The first was really tight like no power sterring, but control and steering response great. The second one, same model and Trim, had very loose steering and car lacked tight respone and it over-corrected on steering. The third on was okay, felt the steering and car were well connected, as did the first, thouhg tight.

There was a Recall on steering being too tight on start-up in the 2009’s, but no Recall on 2010, which I considering. But the variability in the 3 different cars on steering makes me think all is not solved. What do you think.

And, since when is there a quality control variance in the same model car. Or is it just that there is still a steering issue with Mazda? Please help. I have 2 weeks before Special ends. But I thought buying in September would bring the greatest consumer savings.

Also, the brakes made a clunking sound once upon letting foot off.

Apparently, Mazda in 2010 has over-taken Honda in Reliability, according to the ALG.

The Civic LX I tested, had a huge surge at 1st and 2nd gear, bucking etc., and I didn’t like the ride. Honda Service Dept. said it has a new Adaptive kind of Transmission that tries to give the exact right setting for every driving moment. It was startling and didn’t feel safe becasue it felt so erratic, no matter its purpose.

I wouldn’t buy a car, no matter the savings, that didn’t drive properly. These car have problems already happening.