New Car Alarm Advice

I recently purchased a new Mini Cooper. When I researched the car’s online they were all pre-wired for an alarm system. However in the excitment of purchasing the car I neglected to ask if my car was pre-wired. After buying the car I contacted the dealer to add an alarm system, I found out to my dismay that the car was not pre-wired and that the dealer had no ability to add the option to the car after manufacturing. To make matters worse I was told that adding an after market part voids the warranty on the car. So now I am better off if the car is stolen so that I can order a new one. Any advice on how to secure my car, I contacted mini customer service but was told the same thing as the dealer.

You mean the Cooper S doesn’t have a factory-installed anti-theft system?

I suggest you forget about an alarm and enjoy driving your new Mini. Installing an aftermarket alarm will most likely cause electrical problems in the future, not to mention voiding the warranty.

Lock the car and don’t worry about it. The Cooper S comes with an “Engine Immobilizer,” according to the Mini website.

Besides, a determined thief will not care about an alarm system. Save your money.

I don’t think that the odds of it being stolen change much if you have an alarm or don’t have an alarm.

Just be extra careful to avoid the theft. Thats the best thing to do by now.

Alarms are worthless. It does not matter what we think – what does your auto insurance company say?


Just get one of those fake alarms with the flashing light on the dash and a window sticker or two. That will do just about as much as a real alarm to deter theft.

I have a good friend who used to be a professional car thief…anyway, he says the best thing you can do to prevent your car from being stolen is to install a removable steering wheel. Forget alarms.

In Mexico, they favor a steering wheel locking bar. The wheel is turned full lock and the bar installed. This makes the car almost impossible to steal…

I think physical deterrents are most effective. I missing or immobilized component is much more trouble than a noise maker alarm or other electronic dodad that can easily be compromised.