New canopy (or cap or camper shell) for new Tacoma

I just got a new Tacoma 2WD access cab pickup and want to put a camper shell on it. Living in the boonies, dealers are few and far away.

The only manufacturers left seem to be SnugTop, Leer, and ARE. (except factory direct Lakeland which is `1800 miles away).

I want a shell that is higher than the cab for increased room inside when I’m inside and getting information from the dealers/manufactures is hard. I’m concerned about clearance going into my garage.

Any suggestions, insights, recommendations?

Not an authority on pickup toppers. Have friend that has had experience. He pretty much sold on Leer with the extended hieght. I would check out Amazon/Google for directives or Craigs list. Many dealers take off toppers on trade-in and peddle them. Check with some contracters. You will have to pay some shipping plus if you buy off the web. Hope this helps a little. Good luck

A high camper shell will lose you about three+ MPG. A low one will lose about three. Keep it as low as you can. Most of them are higher in the rear, which doesn’t help. Don’t get a bug deflector. They keep your ventilation from working well.

I’m going to politely disagree about the effect on mileage, at least for a cap with the same height as the cab. I had a used Leer cap on my 1995 Dodge Dakota ext. cab for about 4 years until I traded it. There was no noticeable change in mpg before and after the cap was installed (18-19 mpg).

Ed B.

The OP wants “a shell that is higher than the cab.”

On my old 1990 Toyota pickup, I had a Brahma canopy that was about four inches higher than the cab and did not have an apparent mileage penalty. I got 18.2 MGD over 178,800 miles with a V6 and 4WD.