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who among you have a pick up car?

what brand of canopy can you suggest?


What is a “pick up car”?

motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area (bed) which is almost always separated from the cab to allow for chassis flex when carrying or pulling heavy loads

a k a - “pick-up truck.”

I suspect the post is either from another country where the terms are used differently or is from someone for whom English is a second language. I’m guessing that the “canopy” is what we in my home town would call a “cap”. I’ve never had caps on my pickups, so I can’t recommend anything.

If you have an aftermarket shop that does stuff like tinting, sells those Nerf bars/side steps for trucks, installs moonroofs, etc, they’ll likely have a selection of caps for your truck.
Beware though, if you get a cap(those things that line up with the top of your cab and have windows to allow SOME visibility), it’ll interfere with your rearward visibility greatly.
If you get a hard tonneu cover for it, it’ll reduce the amount of stuff you can haul in it due to the height restrictions of the opening of it(usually just sticks slightly above the top of the bed).
Your best option would be to get a roll up tonneu cover that snaps on to the bed. It’ll keep things out of sight, and roll out of the way easily when you need to haul taller items