Clunky brakes on 2011 CRV

I have a 2011CRV 2 wheel drive that is making a clunking noise in the front brakes every time I take my foot off of the pedal. I took it to the dealer twice and both times they told me that there is nothing they can do about it. They said it has to do with the way the pads wear but said that even when I change them the clunk probably won’t go away. I have neve heard a car do this and want to know if anyone else is having this problem or are they messing to me. Thanks.

Describe ur issue in more detail? So u stop vehicle and take foot off of brake and THAN it clunks? Or you are slowing from 50mph to 30mph and take foot off of brake and THAN it clunks? Does it clunk only when you slow but do not stop or only at complete stop?

I had the problem in the past on a 1973 Lincoln because of cheap brake pads but the problem is happening even these days. Sometimes the glue that holds the lining on will fail and the lining will slide until the body of the caliper stops it. This happens when applying the brakes.

You may not hear anything when brakes are applied but you could hear something when releasing the brakes. Same cause, slightly different symptom. Noises don’t always happen when you expect them to.

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Have someone inspect the noise elimination clips for the brake pads.

When you step on the brakes the rotation of the rotors forces the brake pads against the upper noise elimination clips. So you’ve basically clamped the brake pads against the clips while the brake pedal is applied. Because these clips are like springs, when you release the brake pedal and unclamp the brake pads, the clips will force the brake pads in the opposite diection where a clunk occurs.


Make sure the caliper bolts are in. I had a garage that either didn’t tighten them or left them out on a van I had. When I stepped on the breaks and they clunked.