New belts and shocks on a 1992 honda accord

Last month, I had major tune up on my vehicle. First I had the timing belt and accessory belts replaced including of course the water pump. I also had the shocks replaced. My question is now everytime I start the car I would hear a screeching noise for several seconds and also when I engaged the a/c. Furthermore, in regards to my shocks when I drive over 60 mph my steering wheel begins to vibrate tremendously. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Have your mechanic check the accessory belt’s tension.
If he did not replace the belt tensioner when he did the other work, then that definitely needs to be done.

As to the vibration in the steering wheel, have the balance of your tires checked. It is very possible that the recent service included tire rotation. Unbalanced tires on the rear wheels are not always apparent, but then when those tires are placed in front, you wind up with shaking/vibration in the steering wheel.