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New battery and alternator yet battery still going dead! 2015 Honda Accord Sport

Due to being a 6 speed manual, I was unable to get a car start installed from factory so Honda recommended I get it installed at Custom Auto approx. 4 yrs ago. A little over a year ago, I replaced the battery because you couldn’t run accessories for 5 minutes without a dead battery. Then 2 months ago, my alternator went. I was driving home from work when my dash lit up warning me my charging system failed.

Unable to get a brand new Honda alternator for less than $500 and `2wks wait, I opted to put a second hand alternator in. Shortly before my alternator died, I noticed “sputtering” so I got my spark plugs and wires changed but that didn’t seem to completely resolve the problem; have no idea if that was related to my charging issues and wasn’t my plugs and wires after all?

SO…Now, my car is back to dying. It started with only being dead if I used my accessories mode at all, then it went to being dead in the morning, and now it seems to be if I have my car shut off for any length of time, I need a boost.

Is there anyway my after market auto start can be screwing up my alternator and battery? Is my alternator bad and that is what keeps draining my battery?

Disconnect the auto start from the vehicle and see if that eliminates the problem.



Good advice above. Suggest to also do the basic battery/alternator voltage test. Before first start of the day the battery should measure about 12.6 volts. Immediatley after starting the engine 13.5-15.5 volts. What do you measure.

My guess is there’s actually nothing fundamentally wrong; i.e. unrelated to the remote start modification. Your replacement aftermarket alternator is probably faulty. This is a pretty common thing heard here, aftermarket parts quality is a bit of a problem in the auto parts industry these days. I’ve had two faulty aftermarket starter motors for example in the past few years. If you can find a Denso rebuilt unit, and the voltage tests shows the alternator is faulty, try the Denso unit next time.

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The OP put a used alternator in a year ago. My feeling is that it is time to take this car to so,eome who has test equipment and knows how to use it. Maybe even a real mechanic.

How much did you pay for the battery a year ago? p;ease don’t say $49.

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We did this last night and the car started this morning with no issues. Custom Auto wants us to leave it disconnected for 2 weeks before they will accept it was their equipment connection causing the issues.

To my understanding, I didn’t put in an aftermarket alternator. I got a used one out of another 2015 Honda Accord that had been in an accident and considered a right off.

I will try that test tomorrow morning though, thanks.

I did have the car at a real mechanic when the alternator was completely dead and I am the one who made the choice to purchase a used Honda alternator vs waiting for a new one.

As for the battery, I don’t remember the exact cost but I purchased it from Costco and I am almost sure it was over $100. I know for sure it is still under warranty, I am just not sure it’s the battery that is the issue.

I had to look at a previous post to see what that statement was referring to . Just in case you don’t know all of your replies are seen by everyone .
It would have been clearer if you posted ( we disconnected the remote starter and the vehicle started like it should ).
If this solves your problem for 2 weeks I would just leave it disconnected .

could be. You are on your way to figuring this part out. Good work. Aftermarket systems are sometimes sketchy, and all of them are very dependent on the quality of job done on the installation.

could be. Either get some testing equipment and learn how to use it, or find someone that has it already and find out for sure.

and for the love of your pocketbook, quit guessing whats wrong with your car and actually find out! It will be a lot cheaper in the long run. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the head’s up.
If leaving it disconnected solves the problem, there is no question that I won’t be getting it reconnected!