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New air compressor rattling

just had air conditioning reworked in gmc pickup , new compressor sounds like bearing may be bad, will it hurt to drive it until it can be looked at & will it damage other parts if compressor were to go out?

If the A/C compressor fails it will contaminate the whole system with byproducts of its self-destruction. You will have to have the receiver/dryer replaced, the whole system flushed, and maybe more parts replaced. You may never get all the debris out.

You can drive it, but I wouldn’t use the A/C until you get it looked at if you think it’s going to fail.

If instead the clutch bearing is going out, it won’t harm the A/C system if it fails, but it may seize up and destroy the drive belt, leaving you stranded at the very least.

Did they add refrigerant oil to the system when they replaced the compressor?