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A/C Clutch

My A/C Clutch is rattling, how bad can it get before I have to replace it. I won’t need the A/C for a while here in Missouri?

How do you know it’s the clutch and not the compressor?

Well, I’m not positive it’s the clutch, but it sounds like thats where the noise is. I put a few drops of oil on it and it shut up for a while.

Does it rattle with the AC off? On? Both? (by that, I mean with the clutch engaged (compressor running), and clutch disengaged (compressor not running)).

I think the general idea here is that if there is rattling it is much more likely to be the compressor bearings rather than the clutch. The bit of oil quieting things for a short time makes sense in that regard. I would plan on a new compressor for next spring.

It rattles with the A?C off, but maybe some with it on.

Most likely the clutch bearing is going out. The problem with this is, if you let the clutch bearing totally fail, it takes out the boss casted into the compressor. So when the bearing fails, the compressor gets taken out.

If this is clutch bearing going out, you could save hundreds of dollars fixing it now, than waiting and trying fixing it later.


Thanks much, I hope it isn’t too late!!

Ok, I tried to buy a clutch but was told that I could only get one with the compresser. So I called my son-in-law who runs a salvage yard. He told me the same thing, however he grought me a compresser/clutch. Now it looks like I can take the clutch off and install it on mine. Do you know any reason this will not work?? I would rather replace the clutch than the compressor and go thru all that trouble and expense. (We’re in a ressesion, you know).

Help, I got 4 replies until I asked if anyone knew why I could not remove the clutch and replace it. Since then no one has responded. I need to get this thing fixed!

I found the help I needed and got it fixed, thanks everyone who responded.