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New Accords Available w/Standard Transmissions?

I was at a Honda dealership the other day and noticed they had a 2017 Accord there equipped w/a 6 speed standard transmission. Has the standard transmission option been available on the Accord all along then?

Yes, Honda has at least made a commitment to have manuals available for now. I can find a few Civics, Accord coupes and sedans in stock in our local dealer. I am a big fan of manual transmissions and at this point in the budget makes, they are becoming more rare or are the extremely stripped down trims (VW Jetta without bluetooth/USB/etc).

looks like only ex or lower trim levels on the 4cyl sedan but you can have the v6 coupe with a 6spd.

Interesting. That puts the Accord on my list of “possibles” should I buy another car. I’ve been thinking all along that both the Accord and Camry only came in some version of automatics, so for Honda or Toyota, excepting their smallest models, I’d be relegated to the Civic or Corolla. Good to hear the Accord remains at my purchasing disposal.

The EPA ratings for the CVT (30 MPG) are 25% higher than for the manual (26 MPG). But these ratings use a formula. What could I expect in real world driving. I’m a very conservative driver. For example, my overall mileage (average over 158k miles) in my 2005 Prius is 48.5 MPG. Probably 2/3 of my driving is highway.

The V6 coupe with manual should be a blast to drive. An under-rated pony car IMO.

I am also not happy about the Scion TC being discontinued. I think it was a good balance between a boring sedan vs the racer FRS.

rplantz- Check your math again.

I love mine. Even after 11-1/2 years and 241,000 miles. But they apparently didn’t have the sales to continue the model.

I tried getting into an FRS and I cannot, The door sill is too low and the seat side bolsters way too big. These seats really need redesign IMHO. The current seats could be offered as an option for kids who want to test their car’s lateral G limits.

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