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New A/C in old Honda?

We have a '93 Honda Civic VX, which we’ve had since birth (its, not ours). It’s got over 200K miles, and has been kept in great condition. I think we replaced the A/C once, so it already has the more environmentally correct unit. I think it needs to be replaced again. It only keeps the car cool when it isn’t hot outside. Or all winter, very good a/c in the winter. Apparently this surgery isn’t recommended, it doesn’t make a very good retrofit. My theory is, we still get the best mileage from this car and I use it for everything except long-distance driving. If I can’t drive it in the summer, that’s a lot of wasted gas. Oh, I have bad heat allergies. Makes me really sick. Toughing it out not an option. So, worth it? Not worth it? Thanks for your opinions.

Why do you think you need to replace the whole AC? Maybe it just needs a recharge.

Take it to an automotive AC specialist and ask them to check it out. It may not need as much as you think.

mc said it all. Most of the time when you have the problem you are describing, it does not mean you need a new A/C. While you may need a new one, I would expect that you don’t really need whole new unit.

You need to ascertain exactly what is wrong with it—not replace the whole thing. As others have mentioned, it may just need the charge topped off.

i have had it inspected by my trustworthy local mechanics. They don’t think recharging will help. Maybe i should get another opinion.

Weren’t the Civic AC units dealer installed options in 1993? If so, why would there be a problem installing another unit?

With age A/C units can leak some refrigerant out and this leakage can be entirely normal.
The gauges need to be put on the car and see what’s going on with the high and low pressures.

Just an initial connection of the gauges may reveal a leakage problem if the static pressure is lower than normal. (normal static being about 115-125 PSI)