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Rescue a old neat car that needs AC and Defrosters

Ignoring moving to the High Desserts of the SW, how could a fella best get AC and Defrosters for an Upper midwest '90 Honda Civic 4wd car? Hate to just dump it, as it was a lot of work to find, and it only has a light surface in a few spots, and about 90K on it. AC was lost by an incompetent service at Zimbrick Honda back about 5 years. Winter/Rain defrosters absolutely need AC to work on this puppy, so it’s only a fair weather car now. I can’t believe nobody try to fix this… but I have’t found anything yet.

You need to take the car to an automotive A/C shop in order to see exactly what needs to be replaced.
Just be prepared for repair costs that exceed the book value of the car.

A good local Independent, not part of a chain, A/C shop is all you need. In the north often your local radiator shop is also the A/C shop (in the south the A/C shop is often the radiator shop.