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Never heard about recall on my Quest

We have a 2007 Nissan Quest that up until recently has been a decent vehicle. About a month ago the check engine light comes on and we are told it needs a new gas cap so we get that, light is on for two weeks then goes off. But comes back on after a fill. Today I went to get gas, gauge read 1/2 full, digital display said we had 196 miles to empty. It took 19.5 gallons of gas, it has a 20 gallon tank! We did a little research and found that Quest models 2007 to 2009 had a recall on fuel level sensors. We never received a recall notice so I call the Nissan dealership here in Appleton, WI to get it in and was told there was no recall on my vehicle, how can that be? Anyone else with this problem and not get a recall notice? Not sure where I go from here.

A recall was not issued, Nissan calls the repair a “Service Campaign”. A recall may not be shown when looking up your VIN but a service campaign should. When you visit the dealer you may need to remind your service writer that there is a service campaign to repair the fuel gauge.

Here is a link to the service campaign;

Thank you! I will call dealer tomorrow.