Netflix - The World of Entertainment


Netflx are by far the most recognised name in the online dvd rental world. Over the years they have refined their site to make it very easy to browse. They don’t bombard you with information and keep things pretty straightforward. With one of the largest ranges of titles and many distribution centres through the states, they are also one of the fastest companies in sending discs to you. They presently have over 20 distribution centres.

The best feature of Netflix is the movies come to you, so no more car trips to the movie rental house. Also you don’t have to do anything outside of your normal routine; to pick up a new movie, just check your mail; to return one just drop it off with the rest of your mail.Netflix has over 100,000 movies. Netflix has a cool business model - they want to earn your business before charging you for it. You can try their service free for 2 weeks; if you like it. Starting a free trial takes less than 3 minutes.Never get charged a late fee - ever. Netflix made the online system very easy to use, it takes just 30 seconds to set up, and you can choose from over 17,000 movies to watch - all available instantly. Image quality is the best online. High Speed Internet required - works with both PC and Mac. All Unlimited plans include unlimited online movies. It also offers shows from various TV channels like Discovery, HBO, Cartoon Network, Showtime etc. on DVD?s. Since it started in 1997 Netflix has made a mark in the online movie renting industry and changed the way an end user perceives this domain, bringing in so much of reliability, usability and


This is the way Netflix has become the most sought after names in the industry and has been captivating thousands of users and serving them to contentment.