Need your advice! What is my best option

That’s why I said to consider it.

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Part of the decision-making process would be for us to know how long you plan to keep the car. My guess is that long-term maintenance on the luxury car will be higher. Resale value doesn’t mean much if you don’t plan to re-sell if for many years. Plus, if you want to compare apples to apples, compare a used RAV4 to a used Lexus.

Ah - NO. The NX is basically a luxury version of the Rav4. the maintenance costs are the same.

Both vehicles are good vehicles. But with any used vehicle the biggest factor will be how well it was maintained. If you can’t determine how well it was maintained, then get the Rav4. It’s an excellent vehicle.

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One advantage of a new vehicle is that you start out with new tires, a new battery, and even new wiper blades.
In my own case, if the price was the same, I would prefer the new RAV4. You do need to understand that I have never been interested in luxury vehicles, which biases my response to such questions.