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NEED Your advice before I ruin my transmission

MY OD light keeps flashing on my 2002 Ford Explorer. The dealership says it needs a new shifter solenoid? If I keep running my car without replacement of the solenoid, will it ruin my transmission?


The conventional wisdom is that failure to repair an electronic fault such as this will lead to much more expensive mechanical problems with the transmission. However, I will leave it up to transman and others to verify whether this is correct.

unfortunately you have stumbled onto a large, repetitive grinding problem with this year explorer.

i assume you have no warranty left, and need to get it looked at.

take it to a transmission shop (ask friends, neighbors and co workers for references) and get it looked at, and fixed.

what may be a 1000 dollar repair now may ward off a 3000 dollar transmission replacement pretty soon (if you don’t do anythign now)

sorry, no good news!

for your reading pleasure,

many many people are having these exact same issues with their explorers.

read # 25 it sounds exactly like you!

What transmissions do these have, 4R70W?