2001 Aurora Transmission

OH NO, that is what we hear all though, the car has high ratings. The transmission shifts rough sometimes and then just fine. Has 85,000 miles. Friend of ours said, sounds like valve body needs to be changed and cost a lot. Any of you Car Talk Mech. seen a lot of problems with this transmission and can this been checked by a computer since it only happens sometimes? Thanks

Transman or someone else familiar with that specific transmission may have some better specific information, but in general I would start by asking when was the last time you changed the transmission fluid? It should be due for it’s second or third change (yea the owner’s manual may not agree and I agree with almost everything else in that book…

In my opinion you need to have someone who really knows transmissions at a professional level to take a look at it. Most of the advice you get from non-professionals will come from their personal experiences and my not fit your situation.

Note: National chain transmission shops are not usually a good choice.

I too would like to know if the trans has been serviced on a regular basis. Your transmission should have been serviced twice already and it is coming up on its 3rd service in another 5k miles. I would also have the computer scanned for codes. That rough shifting you are feeling could be from the computer commanding full line pressure to the trans because it is picking up a fault somewhere.


Have owned car since early 2005. Bought at 42,000 miles. Trany was flushed at 70,000 and have had codes read severl times because, of engine light on. Told by local transmission repair shop owner, not a national chain, that the code was a secondary emmissions pump and had nothing to do with trany. Did not have pump replaced. Have had engine light removed several times and it returns with in 24 hours. Did have crank sensor replaced because, of worse shifting problems and tac pegging out and car died at stop lights in 2008. Improved shifting a lot and rpm tac does not peg or die any more since then but, still feel car doesn’t shift smoothly like it should. Have owned many cars and never had one shift like this one. Still rough and don’t think a car like this or any car I drive to shift this rough. Maybe best to try another transmission tech to see what they say. All who have checked computer codes have not charged me. Just not sure how to solve this problem!!! Seem to always get great info from you all. Thanks!!!