03 tahoe truck

Continuing the discussion from Had new transmission installed a week ago now having severe electrical problems:

The truck has a little over 206,000 miles on it. I got it two years ago from a man who was financing a brand new truck and I just paid off the loan he had. Ran excellent until the transmission went out. Now I get the transmission replaced exactly a week ago today and it started acting funny actually this past Thursday so a couple days after it was fixed is when I noticed things starting to go out. I know nothing about vehicles at all and I have put so much money into this thing and don’t even have a reliable vehicle. I know mechanics can feed off of women who know nothing

Can you take it back to the shop that replaced the transmission? Obviously there’s a problem there.

I’d like to request that you not make us chase you across multiple threads to get the whole picture. It’s OK to just keep replying to the one thread.

You bought a vehicle with over 200,000 miles on it. It’s going to break. It’s probably going to break a lot unless you get lucky.

The good news is that a lot of the stuff you listed in your other thread falls under the “who cares?” category of failures. Door ajar warning - - who cares? Look at the door and if it’s closed, drive on. Rear windshield wiper – who cares? You’re worried about what’s in front of you a lot more than what’s in back of you. Plenty of vehicles don’t have a rear wiper at all and they get along just fine. etc, etc.

We need you to precisely define “acting funny” before we can address what the problem might be.

I’m new to this I wasn’t sure how to respond it made me pick a topic so sorry. And now the shop wants to charge me 75 an hour to find out the problem because they said it isn’t related to the transmission which I think is bs I never had this problem until after they replaced it

And it does become more than a who cares when lights and warning signs ding and flash as I’m driving. Windows won’t roll up or down, the locks have now stopped working as well, service air bag light is on, I shut the door that says it’s ajar multiple times and says it’s still open and keeps telling me that the whole time I’m driving. The trunk now won’t open, it’s just weird how all this starts after a repair. And it does get frustrating when my rear wipers keep going off when the car is shut off.

I can see these things happening as I’m not dumb I understand things break down but all at once? Is that likely?

I also have small children so knowing the door is shut properly and isn’t opening on it’s own (I’ve had that happen before with a mercury sable and my friend almost fell out taking a turn) is something I don wanna have to think about constantly

Well first, never rely on the door ajar light to keep your kids safe. If it burns out, and the door is, in fact, ajar…

Just check and make sure the door’s closed.

Now that you’ve clarified what’s going on, I suspect an answer you got in the other thread is a pretty good possibility – they didn’t properly secure a ground wire after they buttoned everything up. Car electrical systems can do some really bizarre things if they aren’t properly grounded, and if all of that happened at once, that makes me suspicious that it’s a ground.

It could be that they put it back on, but forgot to tighten the bolt down, which would explain why it took a couple of days for the symptoms to show up – it took that long for the vibrations of driving to back the bolt out and make the wire lose contact.

If that’s the case, you should absolutely not have to pay to get that problem cleared up. But please be aware that it could also be that a ground wire just broke because it’s ancient, and it just happened to break within 2 days of service, in which case that’s not their fault and you would be expected to pay for the repair.

Unfortunately when a car gets into the 200,000 mile range, all sorts of things can go wrong with it, and sometimes repairing one thing will put more pressure on the next weak part and break it, and so it can be very difficult to pin a given problem on the last guy who was under the hood.

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I have a feeling that you may have purchased a flood vehicle. Look under carpets and other places for signs of mud that has not been washed off.