Need trailer light wiring for tow car with separate brake and signal lights

I need to wire my 96 Nissan Maxima, which has separate brake lights and signal lights.

When I searched the web, I found that the cars with single set of lights that act as both brake lights and signal lights can just tap into the wire for a trailer.

But my Maxima has separate brake lights and signal lights. Instructions say that I need a TRAILER LIGHT CONVERTER to do this.

I found it on eBay for $10 including shipping. Could someone take a look at this and tell me whether it is the right thing?


Once I buy it, does the trailer light converter allow me to wire them as if the car has combined brake light and signal light?

The auto parts store or uhaul can help get the right adapter for your car. Adapters can be very car specific.

I have used one of these, they do work but they require some work splicing in all the wires. You need a wiring diagram for your vehicle.

For a little more money, you can get an adapter specifically for your vehicle that just plugs right in. There is a connecter between the brake lights that carry the signals from one side to the other. It has been intentionally put there by the manufacturers so they can add trailer wiring very easily.

You unplug this disconnect and place the trailer wiring harness in between the connectors and plug them into the adapter. Then snake the pigtail out to your trailer hitch to plug into your trailers wiring.

Make that many times there is a connector, I think we had to spend 30 bucks for an adapter with splicing for the windstar.

Looks right to me. I use one on a VW with yellow turn signal lights and red stop lights. My converter has the same color wires, green and yellow on the ends and blue in the middle to the trailer stop lights. Mine is the same shape but has a different part number.

A view of the color code description would confirm this; I can’t read the lettering. The e-bay description does describe what you want.