2003 Crown Victoria trailer wiring question

I looked at e-trailer.com’s youtube video on wiring for trailer on Ford Crown Victoria. I bought a 3-to-2 converter, since it has separate turn signals and brake lights. I first hooked up the tail lights along with the ground. It worked all right. Then, I hooked up the left signal light, but it didn’t work.

So, I searched the internet and found a youtube video put up by e-trailer.com. The video says that I should ground both the white (standard ground wire color on trailer wiring) and red (the brake), because the signal lights and the brake lights were combined, even though they have separate lights. (I don’t understand this part.) I followed the video and grounded both the white and red wires. Then, I connected the rest of the wires (left and right turn signals, tail lights)normally as suggested by the video, but I get no brake light, although I get the tail light and both signal lights. What could be going on?

So, to summarize what I did, brake light wire was grounded as well as the regular ground wire, and other wires were connected normally.

I had wired 1996 Nissan Maxima, which had separate brake lights and signal lights, so I know what I am doing, or at least I thought I did.

Please help!

This kind of stuff happens when a microprocessor controls electrical circuits instead of being controlled directly by switches…Check into crownvic.net and your question will be answered…