2003 Toyota Tundra - Frame rot

frame completely rusted through truck only has 130k miles. piece of junk toyota, they are no help at all.

Rust has nothing to do with mileage. It is frustrating—but time to send it on its way.

It hasn’t got a lot of use. It’s because Toyota made a truck with a crap frame and thinks some spray coat is going to make it go away. Plenty of older trucks still on the road. Talked to Toyota several times and have had some of the worst customer service experience ever

I know Toyota was replacing some of their truck frames under warranty. Perhaps this one isn’t included?

The truck is also 16 years old. Stuff gets older and wears out.

Sorry for your troubles.

I don’t think you’re thinking this through logically. ANY vehicle that is 17 years old can rust through and especially so if you live in an area with a lot of snow and salt trucks.

Two car haulers passing through OK about a dozen years ago were loaded down with 4 to 5 year old SUVs and small pickups. They all had MN license plates and were absolutely rusted to oblivion. I’m amazed they even stayed together from the jostling on the transports.

These were going to end up on some dealer lots after the application of about 50 pounds of Bondo and a quickie touch up paint job with the dealers hoping that no one would bother to look underneath before buying them.

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thats a statement based on nothing. do the research hombre these frames were screwed from the start. they did a 3.4 billion dollar voluntary replacement without even a ntsb recall. so meanwhile they are lining their fat pockets with cash. they knew what was coming if they didnt.

Safety recall BXD involved replacing the frame or rear cross member if a 10 mm hole was found in certain areas of the frame. If no holes were found a corrosion prevention compound would be applied.

Unfortunately after the recall is completed Toyota is not responsible for future corrosion. Was the recall performed on your truck?

Yes. The front is jacked the back is holding.

Are you the original owner of this vehicle?

My 1979 Toyota 4X4 pickup had terrible frame rust. It needed a new crossmember welded in. Around 2006 the frame broke just behind the cab when the truck was being lifted at the tire shop for tire rotation. I sold it for $100.

Toyota has a well-deserved reputation for reliable and durable vehicles, but the fact that their pickups have suffered frame rot worse than anyone else’s, and for decades, is a notable exception. Has anyone lost their job for this?

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