Need to have my memory checked

Wife’s car that I very seldom drive 92 Buck Century. I went to the store earlier today it was raining so I had the lights on four headlight system did not notice until I turned into the parking lot that I had the high beams on anyway when I pulled in the front of the store I could see the lights in the store window just the two inside lights were on I put the low beams on and just the two outside lights were on every four headlight system I can remember on low it was the outside lights and on high all four was on am I losing some of my marbles?

Well normally yes but there are exceptions. My 86 Riviera did that with only the two inner lights coming on for high beam. I wanted all four on so re-wired the thing. Blew the relay so had to take it apart again and back to factory original. Now my 81 Olds had all four go on and I think my 86 Park Avenue was all four, but not the Riviera for some reason. I know the Regal is a lot like the Riv and the Century might be also. At any rate I think it’s normal.

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Thank you I thought I remembered right if I ever saw any other way like her Buick I don’t remember according to my wife she says my marble bag has a hole n it that is getting bigger each year.

Can’t tell you which cars, but I’ve seen it this way before also.

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IIRC my Corolla uses separate bulb filaments for hi vs low beam, not both on at the same time.