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High beams

I have a 2000 crown vic when I flash the high beams they both work but when I put the shift forward only one beam stays on

That’s how they are supposed to work. If you held the lever in the flash position for a really long time, either the wiring to the headlights might melt, or the plastic headlight assembly itself might. It varies from car to car, but I know for a fact that Crown Vics and Grand Marquis work this way.

Um, the Crown Vic has separate low and high beam headlights on each side. When the high beams are on, both (one on each side) are supposed to be on. I don’t know what universe you live in tardis, but it sure doesn’t have Crown Vics.

My bet is on the high beam switch in the steering column. But, in any case, you should post your question on They know everything you wanted to know about the Panther platform cars, and even some things you didn’t.

The others are right that this is normal if you mean both elements work in flash to pass, but not in normal hi-beam. But is this what you mean, or do you mean that one SIDE doesn’t work when you’re in normal operation?

I live in a universe where I have had 5 Grand Marquis, one of them a 2000. There are two high-beams, one on each side. There are also two low beams, one on each side. If you pull the turn signal back to you, that is flash to pass. The high beams (both of them) come on when that happens. If the low beams are on, then they stay on. Now, say the headlight are on. Instead of pulling the turn signal level back for flash to pass, you push it forward. This is high beams. Now, the high beams come on (both of them) and the low beams go off (both of them). Lprocter, what ever universe you live in must not have cars that turn off their low beams when the high beams are on. In that case, you shouldn’t comment about cars you don’t know anything about. I am careful to only comment on the stuff that I know about for 100% certain.
Please note: He said “only one beam stays on.” He did not say “only one bulb stays on,” or “only one side stays on.” Pay attention.

I agree with Greasy Jack, but I also find part of the original post to be confusing:

“but when I put the shift forward only one beam stays on”

Is the OP trying to tell us that when he/she shifts to a forward gear, that the headlights change from high beam to low beam? If that is the case, then we are all off-base here.

Frankly, the way that some questions are posed makes it very difficult to decipher exactly what the OP is attempting to tell us or to ask us.

Agreed. Also, $5 says csilva200 doesn’t ever return to respond to these clarifying questions.

Although the post is a bit unclear I believe csilva was intending to mean that when on high beam one of the bulbs contained in the composite headlamp housing does not work but when using the passing lamps both work correctly.

The Multi Function Switch controls the flash-to-pass and the low/high beams. Check fuses # 4 and #6. Check for 12 volts power on the gray wire going into the Multi Function Switch. Turn the ignition switch ON. Flip the light switch to high beam. There should be 12 volts on the red/black wire. You should be using a voltmeter, or, at least, a test light. You can get either one at Walmart (cheap).

i live on MARS,and you are correct.they work as designed.just a little side note the high beams on my shuttle work the same way.must be an american thing

Well let me clarify when I flash to pass both high beams work. But when I put the switch forward so that both high beams would work. One does not work. Please send my $5.00 123 Keesh Mi Ash Lane, Sheet Fur Brains, ND. 60019