Need some help


My name is Josh. I have a 1996/1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6, with 180,000 miles.

About a month ago I had problems with the jeep stalling and ideling. The stalling and ideling got worse until I got the ignition coil replaced, which seemed to have helped.

Not so long after (two weeks ago) the jeep, while driving on the highway, would suddenly and violently jerk. These jerking feelings only last about a half a second and come and go.

Just recently, within the past week or so, (along with the jerking) I noticed the jeep’s RPMs looked kind of low. (the pointer below 1000, and much lower sometimes.

Not so long after the low RPMs did I start having problems with actually getting the car to completely turn on (turn over).

Until today, I was putting my foot on the gas pedal to help with getting the car to turn completely on and engine running while in park. … Now I cannot even get the jeep to start (turn over completely).

These problems (the stalling, ideling, jerking, and the low RPMs) tend to have been or are currently worse in the morning, when the jeep has been sitting over night in driveway.

These are annoying problems (the RPMs most annnoying since I cannot even use my car anymore), so I would really like to know whats gong on and what I need to do.

hope someone can please help me out,

thanks ! - josh


How old are the plugs and wires? When wads the last time the fuel filter was change? Have you checked to see if there are any error codes stored in the computer? They may be stored even if there is no CEL.

The stalling and hesitation problems may be due to a bad fuel filter or a weak pump. The fuel pump relay may be the problem also. I would suspect the fuel system first as the cause and if that is fine then check the ignition area.

When you say the engine won’t turn over completely I assume you mean the starter isn’t getting enough power from the battery to turn the engine. If the battery is fully charged then there may be a connection problem to the starter or the starter solenoid contacts may be bad.