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Need some help with a rumbling/rattling problem

After going through my friends apartments the other day (which they had the pavement broken up to a dirt road yet my car bottomed out 3 times scraping) I now here a rumbling/rattling sound. It’s hard to tell exactly where the sound is originating from. If I were to guess I’d have to say from my rear passenger. Once I start my car you can here it in park. Put it in reverse you here it put it into neutral and there’s no sound shift it to drive and it comes back. While driving, it comes and goes. While making the noise it stays about the same level possibly gets a little louder while switching from park to reverse and neutral to drive. Any suggestions on how to pinpoint the noise or the possible problems? Oh and my emergency break light had also turned on but I know for sure it’s not on…

Go check your break fluid level immediately!!! The emergency brake light will come on if your fluid level is low!

Brake please.

Fixed, typing too fast to think tonight apparently. Thanks for the catch

Fell asleep work had me drained headed out there now and will check. Never thought of that being an indication of low brake fluid.

When the dash “brake” light turns on, could mean that the emergency brake is on. If not that, then it could mean there’s low brake fluid in the reserve bottle, or low brake fluid pressure in some segment of the brake lines. W/some cars I think it can also mean there’s an alternator problem. It may or may not be related to the bottom scraping incident. The more likely result of that I’d guess is some part of the exhaust system has come loose and is rattling, or there’s now a hole in the exhaust pipe and what you hear is the exhaust sounds.

It’s about half an inch about minimum for the brake fluid. Crazy part is I just topped everything off before heading to California 2 weeks ago. Is it normal to drain so quick?

Makes sense. Brake light is still on emergency brake is not on. I went to a site and listend to a few different things. I’m not for sure but to me it sounded close to a hole in my exhaust. I have an audio clip just won’t let me upload it.

Don’t bother uploading, rarely are audio files diagnostic here. You need your own mechanic standing there listening. You could try using a length of garden hose as a stethoscope to narrow down where he sound is coming from I suppose. Brake fluid level does tend to go down w/miles driven and brakes applied, but normally wouldn’t go down much in two weeks like that. It’s possible however it wasn’t as full as you thought when you filled it. Sometimes the level is difficult to see accurately b/c of bad lighting, bad viewing angle, etc. If the level is above the min mark on the bottle then that wouldn’t cause the brake light to turn on. But some systems monitor the pressure in the brake lines, not directly, but comparing one brake line to another usually. If one brake line has less than the other, it will move a piston in a valve which then turns on the dash brake light, b/c the pressures should always be the same in both lines. The pressure could be low in one line even tho the fluid level is above the min mark, if there were a small leak say. Suggest to monitor the fluid level and brake performance carefully until the issue is resolved. It’s possible the brake problem is that the E Brake needs adjustment is all. A pro brake evaluation makes sense here.

Ok thank you all for your help. I went under to check and found out that my muffler was pushed up and burnt a nice opening in my bumper. Smh. As for the brake light being on it has to be when I did my own brakes I must’ve not bled them properly so I’ll take my car in to get my new rotors and brakes put in that I just received. I’m still new at this and use YouTube mostly to fix am issue. Now I have am account here so I’ll ask for advice and if I see someone having a problem I been through or know I’ll give them advice and information. Again thank you all…

Glad you got everything figured out :slight_smile:

Did you top it off AFTER you bled the breaks after installing the new pads & rotors? If you did it probably has gone down a little bit as the new pads have started to be ground down

I did my brakes about 2 months ago. I must’ve had an air bubble in it. This time I got the right tubing and will zip tie to make sure no air can get back in. Will do it tomorrow either on my lunch break or once I get off. Wish I could send videos to show others.

Have you tried getting rid of that passenger, or at least telling the passenger to keep his/her mouth shut?

I’m sorry.
The Devil made me type those words.