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Need some help to figure out what wrong with my truck

1994 dodge Dakota I don’t think my truck is taking the anti freeze I just got it out the shop. The power steering and belt was fixed when I drove it home it over heated twice I put anti freeze after it cooled down and overheated again


let’s start off right, here. Are you saying:

The truck wasn’t over-heating, never over-heated, before going to the shop ? Correct or Explain ?

After having the power steering serviced, the truck over-heated for the first time / Correct ? or Explain ?


Details, details, details, Jerry. Please.

You need help composing your question. " I don’t think my truck is taking the antifreeze" doesn’t convey any useful information, Are you letting the truck cool down and putting it in the radiator or are you simply adding it to the coolant recovery tank ? You must fill the cold radiator first.
I think you should call the shop that did the work and give them the chance to help you.

Hmmmmm. It’s odd to read this since my radiator blew up two days ago–without warning.