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Dodge dakota 2000 over heating

I have replaced the radiator,radiator hoses,radiator cap,water pump,thermostat, and the fan clutch and it still overheates in the summe months. has 158,000 miles. what am i over looking???


example,IDLE ,WOT,

when? where? trailer attached,

is it actually overheating? temp gauge read same as coolant temp?

and please dont tell me you bought an aftermarket viscous fan clutch?

more info is needed, does it have the idiot light, or an actual gauge? have you verified the temp as overheating?

as a start i would remove the thermostat. are you sure yo installed the tstat correctly? they can be installed backwards.

do you have one of the hood deflecto bug protectors or aftermarket cowling on the fornt? if the rad is new, and the rad has water flow, ensure the rad is getting free flow of air. by chance do you have one of those spiffy laser cut chrome grill covers? if so, remove it. more air to radiator!

have you had the antifreeze checked for hydrocarbons? (head gasket leak?)

just to add,is condensor clean?