Need one of these wheels

Anyone got one of these laying around? It’s a Moto Metal MO958 and these were discontinued in 2008. Had a minor accident and I’d prefer to not have to buy 4 new wheels. I just bought the tires two weeks ago.

BTW, I have been to ebay and craigslist as well as googling the model number.

Edit: 17x9, 6x5.5 lug pattern, -12 offset, chrome.
moto metal

How bad’s the damage? Sometimes you can just get it repaired if you can’t find a replacement.

I think that would be a no in this case. Can’t find the missing chunk. Brand new tires bought just last week. I think I have a curse on me because about half the time I buy new tires for a vehicle, it gets in an accident, most of the time it is totaled, but not in this case.

Bah! That’ll buff out!

You might be out of luck unless you troll Ebay regularly and hope. I wonder if you could find wheels that look very similar and just replace 2.

If you can two find wheel’s that look similar put the two that match’s on on one side and the other two on the other side and see how long it take’s before any one notice’s


If you don’t mind being a little bit hillbilly you could buy 2 wheels of some sort and put them on the same side! :slight_smile:

A little hillbilly? Ozark engineering is my specialty. I have located two rims that are similar but are black.

I would match the wheels at each end though instead of each side, just in case the offsets are different. A rattle can of black paint will finish the look.

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Another place to look is It’s more fore classic cars, but you might get lucky.

Back in the 70’s a friend would lose a hubcap every 2 or 3 month’s I would always get the other three one time while we were drinking coffee he said he lost another one I told him I had one to match the one’s he had at the time I put two matching on one side and two different matching on the other side it took him six week’s before he noticed what I did’