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Rear brake lines

i need to know which brake lines run from the master cylinder to the rear of the car. it an 02 mercury cougar 2.5 litre 5 speed.

Trace them. Should be easy to follow.

ive tried idk. i can try again ig

Try following the fronts. The ones left over are the rears. .

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What is the reason for your question?

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You can’t trace the brake lines from the master cylinder to the rear brakes because the proportioning valve is in the middle. I think what you want to know is which brake line from the master cylinder goes to the rear brakes and the short answer is both.

Its a diagonal brake system. One chamber (and line) from the master cylinder feeds the left front and right rear, the other chamber (and line) feeds the right front and left rear.

On the proportioning valve, the two output lines are usually on the same side as the input line.

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How do i tell which ones which

Please tell us why you are asking this question. If you are getting ready to do something that might endanger your life or someone else because you don’t seem to know what you are doing. Brakes are not something you want to make a mess of.


I do know what im doing im a mechanic i just have never done brake lines on
a cougar. Im building a demo car. I need to block off my back brakes bc my
clutch is ran off my brake fluid. Dumbest thing ive ever encountered on a

Um… You’ll forgive us if this seems… Hard to believe. If you are a mechanic then you’ll understand why these guys are being very cautious in what they say to you, because screwing up brake work can kill people.

Is there some great mystery about Cougar brakes compared to other brake systems?

Oh yes i do understand that i just need to know which brake lines are which
so i can block the rears off. Its just a simple question hoping someone has
an answer.

Idk ik theres a valve in the middle,of em all so u cant trace them

@cdaquila - You may correct me if I am wrong. My personal feeling is that the people who operate and monitor this forum would prefer we do not give advice on this subject. Blocking off brakes might be illegal and we can’t be sure of the real reason this person wants to do so.

Ill post a picture to prove its a demo car i just need help finding out
what ones r the rears

Come on guys. He’s prepping it for a demolition derby. Brakes will be the least of his worries. Because they are diagonal though, you may have to just block the lines at the rear brakes. Disconnect the rubber hose maybe and plug the line there.

Interestingly, at their last visit, my 5 year old grandson said he wants to go to a demo derby. A lot of fun but a little noisy so use ear plugs.

Just cap the lines at the rear wheels. That’s the best approach.
But I urge you, I beg you, please do not try to drive the vehicle this way on he streets, even to and from the demo derby. The vehicle will not be safe for the roads in this condition.

Good luck at the derby.

It’s much easier to block the lines at the master cylinder and any mechanic who is unable to figure out which line needs plugging and how to plug it needs to find a new career.

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Rod knoxu need to find a life

Well @the_same_mountainbik , great minds think alike. I wouldn’t worry about it being driven on the street though. Cars for the derby have all the glass removed, doors welded shut, no gas tank except the racing spill proof tanks inside, no seats except the driver’s seat, chain or webs on the window, etc. Then big ole knobby tires to dig into the dirt, and I think a lot of guys weld the rear ends so both wheels have traction. It’d never be on the road unless it fell off the trailer.

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