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Need help

im lookin to buy a 1998 dodge durango but it doesnt stay on it turns on but dies right away would anyone know what the problem is has new fuel pump and battery

Is It Priced Right For A “Pig In A Poke” Vehicle ? I Don’t Think Anybody Can Tell You Through Cyber Space, With Any Accuracy, Why It Stalls.

How long has it been off the road ?

Does it have factory VTA (vehicle theft alarm) ? Some 1998 - 2000 Durango vehicles with VTA have problems with the CTM (central timer module). It causes a No Start or Starts & Stalls condition. The CTM has to give the PCM (powertrain control module an OK To Start message. If the message is not received then it either won’t start or it’ll start and stall.

Diagnosis of the PCM and BCM (body control module) using scan tools might give some clues. One thing you can try is to look at the Power Door Lock fuse to see if it’s blown. Most CTMs are supplied power through this fuse.

This is an example of a WA Guess. The problem could be in the VTSS (vehicle theft security system) or one of a hundred other things.

Should you buy this vehicle ? [b]“Do ya feel lucky, punk ?”

Well, do ya, punk?[/b]

Any car that cannot be taken for a test drive stays off my list of possibilities when it comes to buying used cars.

If you hold the throttle down just a little bit will it keep running? If so then it may be as simple as the idle air control (IAC) valve. This would be no big deal.

But as noted, there are multiple possibilities & if you can’t figure it out for sure then its a roll of the dice.

if i hold throttle down no it doesnt stay runnin it still dies out alot came to mind like they key if it has a chip in it cause if i start it with a spare it will start and then just die the anti theft alarm

My guess is they are selling it because they don’t know how to fix it. Don’t buy it.