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Need help with pressure

Yea I want a truck, but I dont have the money to buy one that’s why I wanted to trade but with the problems he’s having with his truck it ain’t worth my time or my money so no I ain’t gonna trade him

Just off hand, what he didn’t replace-fuel pump.

Pump and regulator would have been my first choices for low pressure. Did a real mechanic diagnose this? Never mind if one did the owner wouldn’t be throwing parts at it. Don’t buy the truck without a confirmed diagnosis.

[quote=“rockstarenergy553, post:1, topic:101930”]…replaced everything fuel related except for the injectors, fuel pump, an fuel pressure regulator…[/quote]So what DID he replace, beside the fuel pump relay???

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I hear jeep and think 2nd vehicle? Everyday driver? Nope. Only car? Nope. I hope ur plan is not to use a 27 yr old truck as ur only vehicle. Will start and die? What is fuel pressure?

$95 for a relay?!?! I’ve got a box full of them I’ll sell for half price.

Those are the primary suspects so not sure what constitutes “all”…
Personally, I would disconnect the line from the rail and install a dead head gauge. Then run the pump and see what dead head pressure it can achieve. This eliminates a bunch of stuff downstream of the point where you install the gauge. At this point, you can also do a flow check by removing the gauge and redirecting the output to a container. Measure flow and volume will eliminate the pump and line up to that point…

So did he, like, replace the gas pedal or something? I mean, leaving those three things out and calling it “everything” fuel related is like saying “he ate everything in the fridge except for most of the food.”

Since it’s not running, you did not take a test drive, nor take it to your mechanic for a checkup. So aside from the fuel problem, the pickup could have many other major problems that you are unaware of.

Walk away.

If you want a pickup, buy one. Just not this one.

True. If there is ANYTHING like that wrong with the truck you shouldn’t even think of trading for it. If this truck has an igniter under the coil it might be the problem. They cost at least a couple hundred dollars. Find one that runs. This one may already be destroyed.