Need help kicking the tires

I’m looking for help picking tires for a 2005 Acura RSX. What is the best (durable) all season, performance, sub-$100 per tire, tire?

Have you looked at the reviews and comparison tests at Tire Rack’s website? That’s one good source of information.

Also look at Nov 09 Consumer Reports issue. Their tests shows characteristics as snow traction, ice, wet & dry braking. Depending on where you live, these qualities can vary in importance.

The Yokohama Avid V4s has high tread wear rating, I’m enjoying them on my car, $96 at tire rack.

If you need winter capability in the tires get the Continental Extreme Contact DWS hands down. Excellent tires.

Fuzion HRi, treadwear 400, $77
Sumitomo HTR, 360, $81
Kumho AST. 400, $85

You should find happiness with one of these…The 17" wheels will make staying under $100, down the road, very difficult…

Fuzion is good all around but gets a tad noisy. Excellent budget tire

Sumitomo HTR - decent tire for first 10k miles and decent in snow, then they wear fast and get real noisy

Kumho-no idea. Typically decent tires.

Caddyman, I am on the quest for a budget tire for my wife’s turbo Subaru wagon that needs 17" wheels(brake clearance) capable in the winter in a low profile. Conti ExtremeContact is only one I have seen.

Be Advised That Treadwear Ratings Cannot Be Used To Compare Tires From One Manufacturer To Another. They Can Be Useful In Comparing Tires Made By A Specific Manufacturer.

You’re going to have to make some trade offs. A durable/long lasting tire usually won’t have as much grip as a stickier tire. Nor will an all-season tire grip the road as well as an ultra high performance summer tire. Also for $100 your choices are going to be somewhat limited. I would recommend the BFG G-Force Super Sport A/S’s or the Continental ExtremeContact DWS’s they are both more performance oriented, but qualify as all-season (re: three season) tires. They cost right around $100 per tire, but can be had for less when they go on sale. With that said, I don’t think it’s good policy to skimp on tires as they are the only things keeping you on the road.