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Need Help Identifying Part Found in Mouse Nest in Car. (aka: Best Sunday Ever)

Hi there. I need help identifying a random loose part that I found on my engine block. My van has not wanted to start recently so I was checking around for loose battery cables, spark plug wires etc and found what I can only assume is a small animal’s nest and this metal part:

The part was sitting in the nest…and honestly I don’t have a clue as to what it could be. I’ll take any advice I can get!

The van in question is a Chevrolet G20 3/4 Ton SportVan

That’s a thermostat.
That’s one mechanically inclined mouse if he was able to pull it out of your van without you knowing. Offer him a job.

Seriously, a previous mechanic must have left it around the engine compartment somewhere and forgot about it. Your thermostat is no doubt still where it should be.

Lol…I did have the thermostat changed a few years back. Maybe if I throw it away the mouse won’t come back. I think Mickey was fond of it for some reason.

That’s one big mouse to haul a thermostat around.

You can do a little experiment for fun, test it by putting it in a pot of water with a thermometer and see what temperature it opens. Maybe post some photos. Glad you are having fun today!

The mouse in a pot of water? That sounds kinda cruel, George…

Ouch! You got me there @RemcoW! Nah, I’m talking about the thermostat of course, not the mouse!

Lol. Of course.

Put 'em both in. See which one opens up first.

That's one big mouse to haul a thermostat around.

I’d suspect it was a pack rat, not a mouse. They have a well documented behavior of collecting shiny metal objects, and leaving payment in the form of some natural item from their environment. Exploration of their nests reveals all sorts of metal objects, so I’ve been told. I’ve never seen that first hand, but now the OP has.

Well I didn’t find Mickey or any rats…but it still won’t start.

I’ll bet you found the thermostat …
right where it’s layed since ‘‘a few years back’’.

Sorry. Couldn;t resist.