Need help Finding Oil Pan Gasket!

Hi guys! My car is a Mercury Milan 2008 2.3L 4 cylinder Premiere

I need help finding the proper oil pan gasket. I’ve been through 2 already, that claimed the were a match for my car, yet aren’t. When googling my oil pan, there are two types of pans that come up. The only gaskets that I can find, are the ones for the OTHER type of oil pan, NOT mine. For reference, here is a picture of both:

Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find any listings with my oil pan type that also comes with a gasket, nor can I find the gasket separately! Maybe somebody could help me? My oil pan had a rubber gasket for sure, I had to scrape it off, it was that old.

Bonus question: Why do 2 types of oil pans even exist for my car?

Thank you guys!

Since the oil pan is off, take it to a dealer and have them find the right one that fits, maybe a few more bucks, but a whole lot less guesswork.

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The factory manual says to use a silicone gasket sealant (such as RTV). They don’t show an actual rubber (or other material) gasket.


The “other kind” uses a “packing”, a seal that goes in a grove.

Many flat surface covers use RTV to seal them.

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A look up showed the one on the right as being for a 6 cylinder. The one on the left is for the 4 which you have.

Don’t worry about RTV as it will be fine. I think it was back in the 70s when GM started using RTV on both valve covers and oil pans instead of gaskets. It worked much better than the cork gaskets used at the time.

Use permatex ultra black

or “the right stuff” . . . that’s the actual name, look it up

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Looks like this, even has an oil pan photo on it:

And what’s the worst that could happen, a little oil leak? Not like it’s a head gasket.

But it sure looks like there is no gasket needed.

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I use this stuff all the time at work . . . no issues

For tears and years Chrysler used nothing but RTV sealer on transmission pan gaskets and cautioned you against using a gasket and yet every time I bought a transmission filter it came with a gasket, that I never used. Never has a leak with the RTV sealer.