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Need help. Don't know what going on

I have a Chevy Tahoe, an it’s been acting very weird. Buzzing sound every now and then

  1. At first I would have to keep my foot on brake at a light to keep it on. (Happen twice) I thought it was the fuel pump. But it works and it plenty pressure on top of the injectors.
  2. Dash and gauges would flicker.
  3. I went to gas station. Got back in, it wouldn’t crank ( first time it wouldn’t even turn over NOTHING, then it would crank an die out slowly like lossing air, not even long enough to put my hand on shifter.) Then it started after 2 hours or so, but now battery light stays on, air bag light stayed on, no sound out the radio, speedometer works but the rest of the dash gauges, A/c, nothing don’t wanna work…
    Now today the car won’t crank, acting like it’s da alternator but horn lights and everything works.

Start by making sure battery connections are free of corrosion and are tight. Then charge the battery and have it tested. How old is it? Over 4-5 years and you want to keep the car, a new battery is the best option.

The radio won’t work because it lost power - battery problem most likely behind that and possibly other symptoms. A code needs to re-entered to reactivate the radio.

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Sometimes weird things can happen if battery is dying or discharged. Get it checked out along with the entire charging system.

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Yes, take it to a shop to have the battery and charging system tested. Replace as recommended.