2018 Chevy Tahoe won’t start

This one is a doosey

Drove back from work yesterday and parked my car like normal at my apartment complex.
My commute is only 15 minutes.

Go back 3 hours later to go out, go to start the car. Nothing. No cranking, no anything. Dash comes on. So does Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Car has full electrical power. But won’t turn over.

No cranking noise at all. Just won’t turn over.

In my mind it’s the starter. I actually changed the starter 40k miles ago. I think that it’s a bad starter.

Go to AutoZone get new starter. Replaced the starter last night. Plug everything back in. Still won’t start.

Went through all fuses. Won’t start still.

Went through resetting the security alarm system. Did all the steps. Still nothing.

Wont start in neutral or any other gear. Looked up the starter reset. You put it in park and apply brakes and Emergency Brake the try and start it in park then neutral. That didn’t work either.

Any ideas?

With the key in the start position all it’s showing is a lit engine indicator light. But that light is usually on then you have the key in the about to start position.

Please help!!! Located in Huntsville Alabama.

Try shifting the transmission into neutral and then see if it starts.


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We had a similar problem with my daughter’s 2020 Pilot last weekend. My wife couldn’t start it and asked me to help. I jiggled the shifter on the console and pushed it forward firmly. Then I stepped firmly in the brake and it started. When my daughter and her husband returned, he said he had the same problem. Cheap fix if it works. If it does, you might need a new neutral safety switch, alluded to by @Tester above.

Nope that didn’t work either

How long ago was 40k miles? Was that a warranty starter? New? Or rebuilt?

You don’t mention the battery. All of a car’s dash lights etc. will come on with a weak battery but there won’t be enough juice to work the starter. Has the battery been checked?


Try another key first

If this this the truck’s first battery it’s probably already 5yrs old and quite possibly on its last legs. In that case, I would replace it and hope that takes care of everything

You should also use a multimeter to verify the starter is getting voltage at the appropriate terminal when you turn the key to start position


Check if the 10 amp crank fuse in the fuse box under the hood has blown.


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Ask your shop to measure the voltage at the starter’s “s” terminal during attempted cranking. It should be at least 10.5 volts. I expect it will measure zero volts. The starter isn’t going to work if it isn’t getting the signal to start.

Likely possibilities for that problem are the transmission ( or clutch) safety switch, ignition switch, or the security (anti-theft) system.

It’s possible that your replacement starter is faulty btw, esp if you purchased one of those $90 aftermarket specials.

How is the engine oil level? Any chance the oil could have leaked out?

Typical battery problem. You can drive it to work fine and then you go out later and nothing . Happened to wifes minivan just last year . She still had lights inside . Replaced the battery in the parking lot and it has been fine ever since .

I have had the exact same scenario.