Need help deciding on two 2007 Mazda 3s vehicles, with different miles/prices

So both these cars are identical, color everything except one has about 88000 miles but also has a sunroof and is selling for $10k while the other is selling for $11700 but has 61000 miles. Is it worth paying the extra $1700 to get a vehicle that has 27000 fewer miles? But the cheaper one does have a sunroof… aside from this they are both more or less identical and look to be in good condition and run fine.


Go to and find the true market value of each car. Putting in the different mileages will tell you if $1,700 more is about right. It seems like too much money the lower miles to me. Figuring 13K a year average, both cars are over that amount.

Thee are 4 different trim levels; 8 if you count auto vs. manual transmission. Then you have to add in the options. It’s impossible to guess without all this information.

I looked on true car and a base model 3 manual speed could be had for ~ $14K, the financing on a new car should be favorable too. I am not sure why the price goes up steeply with the automatic, for most other cars in the class the automatic is $800 to $1000 over the manual-granted you can not even find a manual shift on most of the lots nowadays.

I would add that having 27k miles fewer does not necessarily mean that the engine is 27k miles better. Much depends on how it was driven and maintained and figuring that out can be near impossible.

The fact that both appear to run fine doesn’t really mean that much because problems can exist even on an apparently good running engine.
Running a compression test, oil pressure test, and checking for any oil sludging problems due to extended oil change intervals would be a good start in determining if there are any engine problems or not.