Buying a used car

In general, would it be better to buy a 2006 Mazda3 with 25k miles or a 2008 with 49k miles, all other things being equal.

How much do the sellers want for them? If one is overpriced, the other looks a lot better. Assuming that they are in excellent shape and have been maintained well.

Actually, they both pretty much priced close to KBB and Edmunds estimates. Just didn’t know if buying the newer car, even with more miles, made more sense. Both cars look well-maintained.

If you live in the rust belt and this is where the cars are from it’s a no brainer, buy the newer one.

Whichever one has a more detailed maintenance history.

You might inspect things like the rubber on the pedals, the ignition switch face, driver’s door lock, shifter handle, and things like that.
A car which shows a lot of scuffing and marks could mean it has seen a lot of short hop driving, numerous key cycles, lot of city driving, etc. and that is rougher on a car than one which has seen mostly highway driving and longer trips.

Cars with low mileage generally have had lots of short trips (hard on a car) while a newer car with more miles likely put on more highway miles which is easier on a car. So based on only that go for the newer car.

However, miles are far less important IMO than the maintenance received. You want a car that has had all the recommended maintenance.

That said, I would not worry about it. Have YOUR mechanic check out whichever one you like best and don’t over think the process.

All other things are NEVER equal.

There’s not enough information here to make a call.

What is the price difference? If the same go with the 2008.