Need help ASAP

I have a 2005 nissan altima 2.5s automatic 4cyl…i bought the car used a month ago it and stopped running yesterday. It never ran hot and had sufficient oil when I checked it yesterday. While I was driving I started to hear a knocking sound coming from the engine area. So I stopped let the noise stop and give time for the car to cool off. I checked the oil and everything looked normal. (When I accelerate my oil light would come on then go off For the past 2 days) when I started the car back up and began to drive the knocking continued then a pop occurred. And oil started going everywhere. The car will no longer crank and I have a hole under the car where the oil was leaking.

Sorry to tell you this, but to me it looks like a catastrophic engine failure. Something major, like a connecting rod, let go.


There may have been sludge blocking the oil pump inlet screen causing the lack of oil pressure that resulted in the rod bearing failure. Replace the engine or sell the car to a salvage yard.


The engine is scrap metal. Note below the hole there is a large crack. A rod or what’s left of it is probably dangling down there.


Thanks everyone from the look of it I will have to replace the engine.

and you probably now know why the car was for sale in the first place…


A connecting ROD made its final KNOX and that’s the end for that engine.


It dun BLOWED up!

The connecting rod felt it needed a little fresh air

Every once in a while there is a failure so obvious that the only practical solution is to replace, or get rid of, the whole darn thing. That’s what has happened here. Sorry for your loss - looking forward to hearing what you decide to do.


Personally, I wouldn’t even consider buying a new engine for a 14 year old car that undoubtedly had very poor maintenance over the years.

If the OP opts to spend a few thousand to have a rebuilt engine installed, how is he going to feel when his (probably) un-maintained transmission dies in a few months? The cost of a rebuilt engine plus an overhauled transmission would surely exceed the book value of a 14 year old car.

Some states require a 30/60 day warranty on major components. Double check your state laws.

Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Look for a well maintained 4-6 year old economy car. I don’t know anyone who drives an Altima and doesn’t drive it hard.

Good advice above, replacement engine required. BTW, when the oil warning light comes on best to stop driving immediately and tow the vehicle to a shop. That warning light generally will never come on unless there is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. There are several failure modes for low oil pressure like this even though the oil level on the dipstick is ok.

Had a Nissan 04 pathfinder , the platum screws came loose and got sucked into the pistons and destroyed the engine , Nissan dont want to know nothing yet it happened on other models with the same v6 engine . Ill never get another Nissan product.

what are “platum screws” . . . ?!

Very short platinum screws.

Or maybe intake plenum screws. Your pick.

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And what are these platinum screws attached to?

the Gold cylinder head or titanium oil pan? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with the other posters above. Should have stopped driving as soon as the oil light came on but now that the engine is kaput the OP can either replace it or replace the entire car. Before replacing the engine it would be a wise idea to have the mechanic check the entire car over and render an opinion on whether it’s worth it or not. my guess is that s/he got taken and the seller dumped this car on him. It’s an unfortunate lesson on why you should have a good mechanic do an inspection before purchasing a used car.

intake plenum screws are the screws that come loose because of lack of lock tight during assembly, they are located in the throttle body.

intake plenum screws are the screws that come loose because of lack of lock tight during assembly, they are located in the throttle body.