Need Help ASAP, Is one truck wider?


Hey gang, I have a 1993 Chevy Blazer (Full size). I also have a tow dolly that I use to move cars around. My 93 will fit on the tow dolly just barley. My question is about the older (up to 1991) K-5 Full size GM suv’s. Are they wider at the wheels, then the newer trucks?? I found one site that gave the width of both trucks and indeed the old truck was wider then the new truck, but I do not know if that was at the tires (problem) or at the side view mirrors (not a problem)… If any one know please get back to me as I am suposed to pick up a 1991 K-5 Later today and if it is not going to fit im not going to waste my time.


Look for ‘Track width’ on that same site. That’s the measurement you want.


why dont u just measure them???