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Need help 2010 camry 6 speed needed

Ok guys I have a 2010 camry base 4 cylinder. I am dire need if anybody can help me find a rear case or a full used transmission for my camry it is a 6-speed manual

Most modern boneyards are connected to subscription databases that search their members nationwide.
Try one. If there’s a tranny available, they’ll find it.

Edit: I just noticed your stage name “woodyschoppshop”. Are you one of the boneyards I was describing?

Why is it that the entire manual transmission needs to be replaced?

Sure it’s not just a problem with the clutch?

The clutch and flywheel has been replaced and I have pulled the transmission and takin it to a shop because it would not come out of gear and sounded like loose metal grinding very badly while it was running.

My name you should come from a shop I used to own in Houston I am just trying to find us transmission due to Toyota’s stupidity and only making around 4,000 of these for that year every junk yard has an automatic no 6 speeds

Toyota made 4000 because people generally won’t buy manual transmission equipped cars. Ask around, see how many people even CAN drive a manual anymore let alone WANT to. Not Toyota’s stupidity, just market forces.

That said, you might find one from specialty breakers in Japan to ship you a trans. Like this:


Sweet thanks, anything is better then nothing. Thay have several automatic transmission …

Have you tried I found one (in the entire country). But it’s a 5-speed, right, not a 6-speed?

if there is only 1 in the country for sale i assume it is pricey? how much is a dealer trans over the counter? they do sell them?

Not bad, $800.

Well it’s a 6 speed and there are 0 in country. And the dealer stoped selling the after 1 year… most parts are discontinued. So. We shall see

we looked at leasing a 2010 camry SE with a manual trans. we live in mpls. closet dealer one in stock was detroit. we decided to get an auto. maybe the detroit one is/was your car?

I never knew they went with the 6 speed. I bet that listing just has it wrong, hard to tell just looking at the transmission. shows one MT for a 2010 Camry, at Rowland Auto Recycling in Utah. Did you check them out?

You might also try Europe. They drive manual transmissions mostly. I don’t know if your transmission is used there, but an internet search is cheap and worth a try.

You couldn’t find a dealer who wasn’t in The Closet?

@VDCdriver You are having way too much fun today. Keep up the good work.

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I was able to find the parts needed. To do a rebuild… Thank y’all for y’alls help.

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