Ridiculous Puzzle!

So I own a 96 Dodge Dakota and its had a few problems since I first bought it, but its all fixed except for one really puzzling problem. My head light will flash on and off while on low beams after about 30 minutes (if on high beams its almost instantaneous). It all started out with my dash lights going out then the head lights would go out when driving. I checked the switch and plug, both were fried, so easy enough fix. That fixed the dash lights, but the head lights still go out. I replaced the bulbs and yet the problem still exists. I then took it to O’Reilleys and the put a volt meter to my negative battery post and to and auxiliary wire just 6 inches from the post. When the lights were on they produced around 46 ohms of resistance and when they shut off they produced 26 ohms. Which isnt good, so I replaced the negative battery cable to try and fix the problem. This still did not solve it. The only other suggestion I have been given is to replace the high/low beam switch on the steering wheel, which is around $80. Could that solve the problem? I can’t keep spending money on this problem and would like to know if anyone has any other suggestions as well.

I also checked all fuses and relays. I don’t have a daylight sensor. And all connections are good and solid

You need to check the alternator. Yours is busted. And test the battery too while you’re there.

A properly functioning alternator includes in its assembly a rectififier and produces a relatively strady 12VDC. The battery acts as a further “filter”, adding additional stabilization. Your alternator is not producing a constant voltage. Its rectifier is blooey.

Did you solder the wires for the new headlight switch connector or use splice connectors?

@the same mountainbike. how much would that part cost? and @Nevada_545 i used splice connectors

Most parts stores will check the alternator and battery for free. If you need a new alternator, the price will probably be about $300 installed. A new battery will depend on what you get (what brand and how many amp-hours).

@thesamemountainbike what would be the more likely reason? the battery or the alternator, or could it even the high low beam switch?

Recheck your connections at the headlight switch. Using a test light check for power to the switch on the red/white wire. Check for power out of the switch on the light green wire with the headlights on. Remove the steering column shroud and check for power to the multi-function switch (lights on) on the light green wire, power from the switch low beam-violet/white, high beam- red/orange.

IMHO the alternator. But don’t take my word for it and go buying an alternator without knowing for sure. Have it tested. Lord knows I’m not alway s right…that’s what the testing is for.

@Nevada_545 I dont know if this will help to identify it, but when the buzzer (that alerts when keys are still in and when lights are on and ajar door) is hooked in it never shuts off once the engine is off, the keys are out, and the door closed. I think it thinks that the lights are still on when they arent