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Need cheap way to lift half ton 7'

I recently bought a 1920s era house. While I love the house, the basement access leaves much to be desired. You can only access the basement via side door, a 90-degree turn, and a rickety flight of stairs.

I’d like a way to replace the 5x5’ entryway with a lift. Need 7’, and a load capacity of at lest 800#.

What’s the cheapest way to do this? I was thinking a box truck liftgate, or possibly a auto lift…used, of course. It also needs to be price-competitive with just knocking a hole in the cellar and installing Bilco doors…or even expanding the coal door condiderably.

Any ideas?

Easiest way I think would be a reversable gear reduction motor and heavy chain such as is used on a fork lift. Or you could just buy an old fork lift and use the hydralics off it. Time you get done though, might be easier finding a used man lift with all the parts.

OK, cheaper idea but you need some metal working abilities and a welder. Use a winch witha long control cord of course. Four steel posts. The platform riding on wheels along the four posts such as a carnival ride. You’ll have to work out the details. The only issue is that you need some type of automatic brake or second cable in case the main cable breaks.

Juat go to youtube and search on attic or barn lifts and you’ll get some ideas. This is my favorite. You need a welder though.