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Need lift car to drop gas tank

I need to replace the fuel pump in my 1995 Buick Regal and I am wondering the best way to lift it up to get at least 12 inches and preferably more. I can stably use jack stands on the frount, but on the back there is no good place to use stands and no way am I using just my floor jack. Does anyone know if there is some good wheel cribs or rally tall ramps? The only ramps I have seen give around 8" and I need more than that. I have seen some wooden stands online but I just don’t feel confortable trusing my live to such contraptions. Oh and I need it to support at least 7,000 lbs and would prefer 12,000 (someday I would love a truck) Thanks.

You need to purchase a repair manual (Haynes is a good one) before you start taking things apart. Some of these Regals have an access panel under the rear seat. Move the carpet to access the panel. The fuel pump can be changed without dropping the tank on some models. Check it out.

I have the factory service manuals (the big ol two books) and sadly there is no genius access panels. Dropping my tank is my only option.

Are you sure that you can’t use the jack stands underneath the pinch welds in the rear? Personally, I never liked this option as the stands are hard to use without marring things - but you should be able to do this with most vehicles these days.

Look under the car in line with the back edge of the rear doors. The seam where the belly pan was welded to the body, the “Pinch welds”, are strong enough to support the car

I do all kinds of jacking/supporting that the safety nazis would frown upon. I’m telling you this because {edit} although it can be done with only one side supported, I want you to be safe and so {/edit} I would suggest raising the entire car the 12", not just the rear. When you go too far on only one end, the car has a tendancy to be really unstable on jackstands. Buy 4 jackstands and use them. Raise the car incrementally, front to back to get to the full height. Place the rear stands under the pinch welds if you’re unsure about other stable, safe points. When I’m going to be causing a lot of shifting force on the car, I also remove and place the wheels stacked up under each side near the end or side I’m working on. If it comes off the stands by some weird chance, it’ll only drop to the height of the wheels and not crush you.

You seem like a true shade tree mechanic. so, invest in a high quality, professional floor jack of the ten ton type or greater. then get the best set of four jack stands you can afford. It they wont extend to the height you need, place them on hardwood 4x12s cut to length and only do this on a concrete floor. Lift incrementally as advised. Apply a ground strap to the tank when you are draining the gas in a well ventilated spot, and into an easy to close container. Wear dish washing gloves. Be careful and good luck. Oh, and while you have the tank out, get it steamed out if you can find someone who will do this for a reasonable fee.

Thanks for all your help. I think my plan is to get some heavy jack stands. I checked on the car and the pinch welds look like a good place to put the stands. I was a little leary about using four jack stands, but I like the idea about putting the tires down, just in case! Thanks.

If you buy a decent set of jackstands, you should find that the car is way more stable on all four than just the two. It is far safer although it may appear to be less so because you’re not used to seeing the car that way and perhaps haven’t spent enough time under one supported like that.

I am thinking of buying 4 of the 6 ton torin jacks that go from 15.6"-23.8" for 80 dollars from my local advanced auto. The 12 ton go from 18.125"-28". I have a 3 ton craftsmen jack that goes to 19.75" but that seems a little close to the 18" min of the 12 ton stands. 4 12 tons stands are $123.96. Any comments these or other choises? Thanks.

Humor me and post what a mechanic would charge and what it would cost to “tool up” for the job

Check out the floor jacks that Harbor Freight sells–both in their stores and via the 'net.
I believe that you would pay a lot less there, as compared to Advance Auto.

The Dealer Mechanic said it would be about 320 to replace the fuel pump for labor only. They would use the parts I bought from NAPA (total parts ~95 dollars). The only tools I need that I currently don’t have is the jack stands to get the car high enough to remove the gas tank. That is around 100 dollars give or take for the 4 of them. I am also planning on flushing the fuel lines with compressed air (I have an air compressor) and cleaning the tank which is not included in their price. Plus then I have jack stands for the future. More tools is always a plus :slight_smile:

When you make the investment in tools, you always have them to use over and over. Paying someone else to do the job and what do you have afterward?

Your concerns about going too large on the stands is well founded. Each stand is supporting only 1/4 (w/4) to 1/2 (w/2) of the weight. So, 6 ton stands are plenty unless you’re jacking up trucks. You can gain height when necessary by placing spacers under the stands as mentioned previously.

Buy good stands and buy them only once in your lifetime.

Thanks everyone!