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Home car lifts

Hi All

I’m looking to buy a lift for the garage and looking for

some general info on finding a GOOD one.

Any help wood be appreaciated


go to home page and search “home car lifts” and you will get…

Better check your real estate zoning…

I saw a Suburban pull a post for an electric lift right out of the concrete, investigation blamed the concrete mix, it was a new install.

I bought a 4 post, 8000lb lift in February. Besides being able to easily work on my cars and pickup truck, I store my pickup ontop of where I park my car. If you have the head room in your garage, I would suggest you get one capable of lifting the extra height (usually about 82"). Also, if you buy a 4 post lift with casters (which almost all of them have), you won’t need any special permits and there aren’t any zoning requirements because it is then considered portable.

“Any help wood be appreaciated”

I recommend that you get lifts made of steel.
Wood is not strong enough.


You can also buy a portable air bag type lift that can be moved when not needed, or when collapsed can be parked over. Wouldn’t require installation but you would need an air compressor.

How much money are you planning on spending ?? Are you buying the lift for only working on cars or for storage as well ?

Zoning??? Really??? I can understand if you plan on doing other peoples repair work…but never heard of a problem with installing one for you home use…and I’ve been on couple of towns zoning boards.

I’m looking at storage only inside the garage $ 3,000/4,000

Thanks What brand and are you happy?

There’s this guy in Pelham NH that has a bunch of classic cars. I’ve driven by his place a few times taking my son to baseball games. Many times he’d have cars parked outside…different ones…His garage was huge…

Well one day I drove by and the garage door was open…and able to see inside…He had at least 8 lifts…classic cars on top of each lift…with another classic car parked underneath. I was (and still am) EXTREMELY JEALOUS.

Are you sure you have enough clearance up top?